SCADE is in Beta and we already conducted thorough internal QA. However, exposing our product to our beta user will likely reveal some issues. Please find some documentation on how to report bugs:

# Reporting crashes of SCADE Android apps

We are running different CI test suits on Android, but there might still be an Android bug out there. So if your Android app crashes, please follow the steps to report the crash

## Prerequisites

  1. Make sure the app runs on SCADE or iOS device successfully

## Follow these steps to report the crash

  1. Run your app on your device until it crashes

  2. Connect to your android device using a USB cabel

  3. Write your Android log into a file `adb logcat -d > android.log`

  4. Get config information `adb devices` `adb -s <deviceId> shell getprop > properties.txt`

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  1. Append the the support files to the service request

  • android.log

  • properties.txt

## Upload the project

a. In the IDE , right click on your project and choose Export

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b. Select Archive File

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c. Save entire project to a zip file, here

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d. Append the project to the service request