# Introduction

This chapter describes how to set the app icons.

# Required sizes

DeviceIcon FormatSize in pxBuild file location
Apple IPhone2x120 x 120appIcon2x

3x180 x 180appIcon3x
Android PhonemdpiIcon48 x 48mdpiIcon

hdpiIcon72 x 72hdpiIcon

xhdpiIcon96 x 96xhdpiIcon

xxhdpiIcon144 x 144xxhdpiIcon

# Storing icon bitmaps in the app structure

We store all the app icons under the /res/icons folder (it could be a different folder)

  1. Add folder under **/res** folder

  2. Add icons to the **/icons** folder

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  1. Reference the files in the <project>.build file.

  2. Use a relative path to specify the files

  1. Done

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