# Introduction

Using the Swift Foundation on Android is easy.

**Just use the exact same code as you do on iOS**.

UgFoundation Examples

Please find the example code here [https://github.com/scadedoc/UgExamples/tree/master/UgSwiftFoundationDemo](🔗)

SCADE translated the entire Swift Foundation framework to the Android ecosystem and you can use it the exact same way as you use it on iOS. Here are are few samples to get you started.

For more information on our journey of building Swift Foundation for Android, see the medium article here https://medium.com/@SCADE/swift-foundation-4-0-for-android-b6274fb9c322

# Swift Foundation Examples

Use exactly the same code on iOS and Android. There are no differences in code. Sometimes, there are minor changes in how it works on the different platforms.

## Making an HTTP request

Again, the code is 100% the same for iOS and Android:

## Using Date

Again, the code is 100% the same for iOS and Android:

## Other examples

Swift Foundation examples can be found in the official Apple Repository here https://github.com/apple/swift-corelibs-foundation/tree/master/TestFoundation

If you like to have examples added, please let us know.