Frequently asked questions

Hi, please find a few answers to your questions in the channel.

Do you support CocoaPods ?Currently, we support Swift Package Manager. It's Apple's upcoming standard and many pure Swift projects are hosted using it. CocoaPods is popular package manager, but most of the projects are Objective-C. We will release SPM support very shortly, and CocoaPods once user's demand is high enough.
Are you using an interpreter ?No, all Swift code is compiled into native code leveraging Apple Swift compiler. Please see here for more details.
What is your open source strategy.The majority of components are going to be open sourced. We just want to make sure code is in cleaned up shape before releasing...
What is your pricing strategyWe will provide pricing in a few weeks on our website..
xcrun: error: SDK "iphonesimulator" cannot be locatedYour XCode settings are not correct. Please see