Set App Icons

Set app icons for your app on Android and iOS


This chapter describes how to set the app icons.

Required sizes

DeviceIcon FormatSize in pxBuild file location
Apple IPhone2x120 x 120appIcon2x
3x180 x 180appIcon3x
Android PhonemdpiIcon48 x 48mdpiIcon
hdpiIcon72 x 72hdpiIcon
xhdpiIcon96 x 96xhdpiIcon
xxhdpiIcon144 x 144xxhdpiIcon

Storing icon bitmaps in the app structure

We store all the app icons under the /res/icons folder (it could be a different folder)

  1. Add folder under /res folder
  2. Add icons to the /icons folder
  1. Reference the files in the .build file.
  2. Use a relative path to specify the files
}, {
    "eClass" : "",
    "platform" : "all",
    "ios" : {
      "eClass" : "",
      "appIcon2x" : "./res/icons/Icon-120.png",
      "appIcon3x" : "./res/icons/Icon-180.png"
    "android" : {
      "eClass" : "",
      "mdpiIcon" : "./res/icons/Icon-48.png",
      "hdpiIcon" : "./res/icons/Icon-72.png",
      "xhdpiIcon" : "./res/icons/Icon-96.png",
      "xxhdpiIcon" : "./res/icons/Icon-144.png"
  1. Done