Breaking Changes

Describes breaking changes between releases

0.9.14 - June release

Installation - Java now needs to be installed manually

Due to the new Apple Notarization process, we had to remove the Java SDK from the install image, and it has now be installed manually. In a later release, we will add back automated Java installation.

Page has new default layout type

The default layout type of the page is now AutoLayout. It used to be Grid Layout.

API New and Removed

  • Added SCDLayoutAutoLayout and SCDLayoutAutoLayoutData
  • Removed SCDLayoutXYLayout. Was replaced with SCDLayoutAutoLayout

API Changes

Font Style
let style = SCDWidgetsFontStyle()
let textstyle = widget.getStyle(style.eClass()) as! SCDWidgetsFontStyle
textstyle.color = SCDGraphicsRGB(red: 255, green: 0, blue: 0)
widget.font!.color = SCDGraphicsRGB(red: 255, green: 0, blue: 0)
Text Style
let style = SCDWidgetsTextStyle()
let textstyle = widget.getStyle(style.eClass()) as! SCDWidgetsTextStyle
textstyle.horizontalAlignment =
textstyle.baselineAlignment = SCDWidgetsBaselineAlignment.alphabetic
widget.horizontalAlignment = .center
widget.baselineAlignment = .alphabetic
Background Color
if let backgroundStyle = widget.getStyle(SCDWidgetsBackgroundStyle.eClass) as? SCDWidgetsBackgroundStyle {
backgroundStyle.type = .color
backgroundStyle.color = color
widget.backgroundColor = color
Bitmap control renamed to Image
Ugly constructor fixed

Page model changes

The page model has changed a little bit with 0.9.14. Please modify your pages following these steps
• Remove all styles tags

  • Rename Bitmap to Image
  • Rename drawableChilds to children

This video demonstrates the necessary changes

Start.swift File changes

We took the liberty to make the start.swift class file more elegant and remove some boilerplate code. Now, the code is even clearer. The old syntax is on the left, the new on the right:

  • we added the onFinishLaunching() method. Override this method to add that should be executed after the app has loaded its internal library and is ready to execute app code.