Command Line Interface (CLI)

SCADE Command Line Interface for compiling SCADE projects without the UI

Compile Swift projects to Android and iOS using the command line

Path to scd in


Information: scd build --help

Usage: scd build --name [--path ] [--output ] [--target ] [--settings ]

Targets: macos (default), iphonesimulator, iphoneos, android-x86_64, android-armeabi-v7a

Example of settings.yaml file:

scade.toolchain: /Applications/
    compiler: /Applications/
    ndk: <path_to_ndk>
    sdk: <path_to_sdk>
    jdk: /Applications/Android

Command should be run from project folder

Example of the command:

/Applications/ build --name <name> --target <target> --settings <settings.yaml>