Changes to SCADE software
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Version 2.4.3 Beta - January 2024

  • Fixed bug with building AAR archives
  • Fixes in the building of Android applications
  • Small bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.4.0 Beta - January 2024

  • Xcode 15 and Swift 5.9 Support SCADE 2.4 introduces compatibility with Xcode 15 and Swift 5.9, ensuring that you have access to the latest development tools and Swift language features for your projects.
  • Automatic Swift for Android Toolchain Management Experience seamless development with automatic toolchain management in SCADE 2.4. You no longer need to worry about the Swift toolchain version for Android. SCADE intelligently selects and utilizes the toolchain corresponding to your installed Xcode Swift toolchain while handling all necessary downloads automatically.
  • Support for Building Standalone SPM Packages SCADE IDE now empowers you to build standalone Swift Package Manager (SPM) packages. This includes the ability to build native Swift libraries for Android and package them into .aar archives. These archives can seamlessly integrate into Android Studio projects, expanding your cross-platform development capabilities.

Version 2.3.1 Beta - August 2023

  • Fixes for Android UI bugs
  • Small fix for scd command line build tool

Version 2.3.0 Beta - August 2023

  • Added scd command line build tool
  • Improved navigation between pages
  • Added support of async functions in URLSession for Android
  • Small bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2.1 Beta - May 2023

  • Swift 5.8 support
  • Custom LSP
  • Collection View UI Widget

Version 2.1.1 Beta - April 2023

  • Fixed bug with settings for macOS Ventura 13.2

Version 2.1.0 Beta - March 2023

  • Concurrency in top-level code: SwiftNIO is compatible with the SCADE IDE. The good thing is SCADE now builds the Swift NIO classes for the Android platform as well.
  • Async/await much easier to Use: The much-awaited async/await is now compatible with the latest SCADE version. In this article, its usage is explained.
  • Distributed actor isolation: Introduces the ability for actors to work in a distributed form – to read and write properties or call methods over a network using remote procedure calls (RPC). We can now use the actor keyword in SCADE.

Version 2.0.57 Beta - February 2023

  • Swift 5.7 support
  • Latest NDK support
  • Latest Android Studio support
  • Latest Android versions support
  • Improved SCADE toolbar UI/UX

Version 2.0.56 Beta - November 2022

  • Hotfix for Apple crash during typing code
  • Fixes for scroll feature
  • Small fix for SVG editor

Version 2.0.55 Beta - November 2022

  • Xcode 14 support
  • Copying content of SVG Images from clipboard and pasting them to the all widgets in the SCADE IDE
  • Improved debug view
  • Improved tabs
  • Improved SCADE stability
  • Increased iOS min version to 13
  • Fixes and enhancements

Version 2.0.54 Beta - August 2022

  • Copying content of SVG Images from clipboard and pasting them to the Button Widget in the SCADE IDE
  • Running Android Emulators from the IDE, and other Android builds and installing Fixes
  • SCADE IDE Settings Validation
  • Setting Minimum and Maximum Sizes for Widgets in the Grid Layout
  • Fixes and enhancements

Version 2.0.52 Beta - March 2022

  • Support of .aab Android format for releasing applications in Google Play Console
  • Bugfix for Swift formatter in Swift editor

Version 2.0.49 Beta - March 2022

  • Fix for uploading ipa to AppStore
  • Fix for target selector on Big Sur macOS
  • Page editor fixes

Version 2.0.47 Beta - February 2022

  • Monterey macOS support
  • M1 support
  • Ability to launch application on Android device directly from SCADE IDE
  • Improved autocompletion when it’s used in different swift files
  • Updated gradle version
  • Fixes and enhancements

Version 2.0.42 Beta - October 2021

  • SliderLine control improvements
  • Added Scrollable feature
  • Problems console improvements
  • Fixes and enhancements

Version 2.0.39 Beta - September 2021

  • Xcode 12.5, Xcode 13 support - IDE contains the new Scade SDK build with enabled ABI stability and you can use any Xcode starting from 12.4
  • Support of Android 4.3.0
  • Support of gradle 7.1.1
  • New Scade Simulator models
  • Tons of fixes and enhancements

Version 2.0 Beta - July 2021

  • MacOS Native IDE - Native, open source Swift IDE incorporated
  • Support of Swift 5.3 and 5.4
  • Fusion - Super Easy Swift Java interoperability
  • Tons of fixes and enhancements

Version - July 20th 2020

  • Support of Swift 5.2

Version - January 20th 2020

Hi, our first release of the new year with nice features and improvements. While we work behind the scenes on our next big thing - Nimble - we are proud to present you with the following:

  • Swift Foundation for Android - smaller improvements and fixes
  • Multiline label support - Nice multi-line support
  • New animation types for page transition - from top to bottom, from bottom to top
  • Smaller fixes - OnExit didn't work in all scenarios, layout issues, issues with transparency
  • Keyboard hide notification - notification when keyboard appears or disappears

Version - October 18th 2019

Hi, after two months of hard and intense work, we are back with our October release. It includes major upgrades to the underlying components:

  • Google Android 64bit support. We upgraded our Swift compiler which now supports compiling Android apps to 64 bits. We create both x86_64 and arm64-v8a binaries.
  • Support of Android NDK 20. We now support NDK 18 and higher - we default to NDK 20 - and make it possible to take advantage of the new features in that NDK.
  • Parallel build support now dramatically speeds up compiling to Android and iOS. The swift compiler makes use of all cores, resulting in a massive speed increase.
  • XCode 11 support - SCADE supports the latest version of XCode 11
  • iOS permission support
  • API improvements We added SCDColor which now replaces the previous classes and provide SCADE developer with a single, simple to use class to define colors. We also added the ability to set rounded corners for buttons and containers.
  • Binding support for collections. It's now very easy to bind UI Controls to data collections thanks to the improvements made to the binding api.
  • Bug fixes which included some UI control bugs that use constraints, bugs that made uploading IPA files to the app store more difficult, some issues with iCloud integration, and bugs in the SDK that caused problems with dynamic (through code) UI control creation.

Version - August 2nd 2019

Hi, we are back with the July version of SCADE

  • The big one Swift 5 for Android support. We upgraded the Android compiler to support Swift 5.0 on Android. This is a marvelous achievement, as the Swift community is now able to use Swift 5 on Android now. Under this hood, this took a lot of hard work and we are very proud to be able to release this feature now.
  • Modal Dialogss. We extended the SDK to provide full native modal dialog support on Android and iOS. This tutorial describes how to display complex modal dialogs. Find demos and documentation here Modal Dialogs
  • Swift Foundation improvements Multiple improvements and fixes for Swift Foundation.
  • Data Binding improvements We added a map function to make binding definition easier and more fun
  • Fusion Beta Enhancements We incorporated feedback from the Fusion Beta program and fixed some Fusion related bugs.
  • YAML SPM enhancements We added support for "exact", "branch", "revision" to the YAML file

Version - July 3rd 2019

We are releasing SCADE with an emergency fix included. The previous release contained a serious bug that leads to a crash when using the list control. Our automated testing returned a false positive, leading to the need for this new release. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Version - June 31st 2019

Welcome to our June II release. This second release in June brings you

  • YAML build file We changed our build file format to YAML. The previous format was user unfriendly. Now with YAML, specifying your necessary build setting has become very easy. Don't worry, the old build file format still works, so you don't have to switch immediately. Find build file information here Build File
  • Binding API. Our binding editor was a nice way to specify model view bindings between variable and UI control attributes, but it was not user friendly enough. We replaced this - the editor will vanish in some future releases - with a binding API. Its much clearer, scales to many different bindings and is easier to argue and version control. Find information on how to use the binding API here Binding API Guide
  • Smaller UI changes Some of our settings and namings were user unfriendly. We made a couple of smaller changes, i.e. changed the label in the launchbar to Create IPA
  • Cannot compile Android bug If you had multiple Java JVMs installed, when trying to compile to Android, Gradle was using the wrong Java JDK in some cases although you specified it correctly in the SCADE preferences settings. This release fixes this.

Version - June 11th 2019

Welcome to our June release:

  • OSX 10.14.5 support Apple introduced a new Notarization process that caused prior SCADE versions to not work correctly. This version fixes this, and adds a manual step to the installation process.
  • Launchbar improvements We improved the Launchbar. Switching projects and targets is now much easier.
  • API Changes SCADE features a lot of great functionality, but sometimes the API that is used is not as nice as it should. We started to make some modification, resulting in some API changes. See Breaking Changes
  • Autolayout feedback We incorporated your Autolayout feedback into this release, fixed some AutoLayout bugs and made AutoLayout the default layout manager. Please see the Autolayout tutorial for a first introduction into Autolayout with SCADE Autolayout Guide
  • AutoUpdate now uses our CDN provider for faster updates in Europe and Asia. (Kudos to stevapple)
  • Moreover, we added more than 23 bug fixes

Please review the installation guide for updated installation instructions.

Version - May 2019

(Version had a little bug regarding auto update)

Some great new features in the May Version of SCADE

  • Autolayout support: You can know use AutoLayout to design great looking UI on Android and iOS. You can either use our page builder to create autolayout UIs or specify it programmatically using our new AutoLayout API.
  • Latest XCode support : 10.2.1
  • Smoother installation: We removed the Java dependency on your Mac, making install faster and added version validation to ensure you specified the correct Android SDK and NDK versions
  • More than 62 bug fixes, both in the IDE and the SDK

Version - February 2019

Welcome to the next version of SCADE. While we are super busy working on the next killer features, the February version has some great updates:

  • Swift 4.2.1 support. We know support Swift 4.2.1 on both Android and iOS. This includes latest updates to Swift Foundation framework. Please see updated installation instructions.
  • Video streaming control allows you to capture video streams and save it as bitmaps or videos.
  • DeepLinking support for Android and iOS. 2 lines of code to implement deep linking cross platform
  • Two minor fixes to the Swift Dispatch framework for Android and iOS
  • Great animation enhancements for even more sophisticated animations
  • Fixed bugs in SDK and Crystal engine

Version - December 2018

Hi, this is next version of SCADE. We faced a few delays in our release schedule due to some awesome endeavors that we decided to support - more about this soon. Our release pipeline is packed with upcoming releases and features: this release and our December release that is currently in QA. So yes, it takes us some time to get into the monthly release cycle, but we soon will be there.

The November release features

  • System API extensions to track if Application is in foreground or background
  • Swift Server Side development with Docker. Thanks to our integrated Docker support, you can now develop server side applications easily. Develop and run on docker, thus simplifying your development chain.
  • Memory usage optimizations. Our internal memory management has improved a lot, leading to a much lower memory footprint and faster execution times.
  • XCode 10 support
  • Swift Foundation bug fixes on Android
  • Auto Completion bugs fixed (duplicate names)
  • Change status bar color

Additionally, we fixed about 120 additional bugs in the IDE, the SDK and the compiler.


System API changes

There are some SMALL backward incompatible changes that we wanted to introduce now in order to make our code more elegant and clear. The necessary changes to your existing source code project can be done quickly

Version - August 2018

Hi. This is a minor version where we introduced tablet support and added a couple of fixes in our controls and animation api.

Version - August 2018

Welcome. Version has a lot of awesome new features. We hope you like it:

  • We added SPM support. You can now reference SPM projects as dependent project and easily leverage existing code. See our Swift Package Manager Guide
  • XCode style autocompletion. We extended our great autocompletion and added XCode style autocompletion. No need to press Control + Space anymore, recommendations will show up automatically as you are used to in XCode
  • Autoupdate support. SCADE now can be updated from within the product, no more downloading and reinstalling new versions of SCACE. Click update, wait and continue working. See Autoupdate
  • Performance improvements. We added some significant performance improvements, allowing you to handle a large number of data items in our controls
  • Extended Cross Platform Logging support to have consistent logging on Android and iOS and the simulators. See Logging Guide
  • Awesome Android compiler enhancements for great performance
  • Various fixes to our animation api, closure support and graphics engine api

BETA 6c - June 2018

  • We fixed an issue that stops apps on certain Android 8.

BETA 6b - Mai 2018

Welcome to Beta6b, we added a few changes before we release the GA version:

  • We streamlined the installation progress, no more CMAKE and GRADLE install !!!
  • Couple of changes to ease the linking of 3rd party libraries
  • Minor improvements in IDE (Backspace now removes controls)
  • Minor Swift Editor bugs (highlighting issues, autocompletion issues)
  • Ability to set supported devices
  • Ability to set supported device screen orientations
  • Swift 4.1 support for Android. In the April version, we supported 4.1 on iOS, and 4.0.3 on Android.
    now we have full support for Swift 4.1 on 32bit and 64bit for ARM and x86 on both iOS and Android.
  • Support of Android NDK 16/17. Android changed the install formats, and this update allows the use of Android 16 and 17

BETA 6 - April 2018

Welcome to Beta6, our last and final beta before going live. In the last three months, we put a lot of effort into under the hood activities:

  • We invested into our build system. Were we previously had multiple systems, we now unified onto one system. A unified build system enables us to roll out great features such as shared library support across Android and iOS, system optimizations and much more. Please read about the great stuff coming out of our build system efforts on Medium here
  • Happily I can say that we finished our Swift Foundation 4.0 for Android. You can now use all of the beauty of Swift Foundation on Android, and leverage any library that depends on Swift Foundation, making a great list of libraries available to you. We took great effort into making this a reality. Please check our Medium article on building Swift Foundation support for Android here
  • Our IDE got further improvement. We benchmarked the performance and looked at the major bottleneck, thus improving page editor and binding editor performance. We further aligned our Swift Code editor with Apple SourceKit, to give you the best autocompletion possible. And yes, one of our next features that will make it into the editor is Apple style "auto" autocompletion. Currently, you want to use Command + Space to trigger auto completion. Plus, we hope you like our smaller design changes in colors and icons to make it even more beautiful.
  • Details matter, so we made many smaller improvements on the small stuff: bug fixes, animation fixes and better support of release and development build for Android and iOS. We closed in excess of 500 Jira tickets.

As always, let us know if you find something missing to create awesome application experiences with Swift.

Your SCADE team.

BETA 5 - November 2017

Welcome to our next beta of SCADE before going live, our Beta 5.
We hopefully listened carefully and brought you the following features:

  • Swift 4 and XCode 9 support - Use the power of Swift 4 on Android and iOS
  • Swift foundation support for Android and iOS. Leverage Swift foundation to build great apps. We currently cover 80% of all functionaliity
  • Animation API. We cleaned up the animation api and provide a powerful animation api that lets you develop great animations without limitations Animation Guide
  • Programmatic UI creation - just use code to program your UI Programmatic UI development
  • IDE improvements, including significantly improved auto completion support. Its faster and smarter now.
  • Android Release compilation mode. Switch between debug and release mode and publish to the Google App Store Android release mode
  • Greatly improved touch event management to handle overlapping events nicely
  • Faster compilation
  • Smaller things: Added latest devices sizes (iPhone 8 and iPhone X), Textbox improvements
  • Better validations in SVG editor
  • Now TestFlight compatible

Please also see the breaking changes documentation: Upgrading your project

Beta4 - July 31st, 2017

Welcome to our next beta release of SCADE, Beta4

Beta3 - May 5th, 2017

Welcome to our next beta release of SCADE, Beta3:

  • Swift 3.1 support for both iOS and Android. You can know use Swift 3.1 to develop all your apps.
  • WebView control support. We added the webView control to display web content in your native Swift iOS or Android app. Please find the documentation here WebView control
  • Memory management improvements. Internally, we improved the memory management.
  • Usability improvements. We automated some tasks that would otherwise cause the developer extra work. For instance, we autoupgrade the SDK if you use a project that is based on an older SCADE SDK. Therefore, no need to switch the workspace folder anymore when installing a new Beta.
  • Various fixes
  • Some fixes to our animation API
  • Some slider control fixes
  • Textbox related fixes in Android
  • Some autocompletion fixes (Code navigation and general errors)