Fusion Library Overview

Cross Platform Functionality with Swift


Fusion libraries provide out of the box, easy to use API to access the same Android and iOS functionality using the same Swift code.


Code is released under Apache 2.0 license and can be easily extended.


All Libraries can be found here https://github.com/scade-platform

Fusion LibraryDescriptionStatus
FusionMediaAccess to all media related functionality. Current Version covers Audio.

See Readme for details
FusionLocationAccess to Geolocation functionality.

See Readme for details
FusionNFCAccess to NFC functionality.

See Readme for details
Fusion BluetoothAccess to Bluetooth functionality.In Development

Example App

All libraries come with a sample app that you can use to explore the functionality. See Readme for the link or use the root project here Fusion Examples

Missing a library

Let us know which functionality you are missing.

Support for Libraries

Fusion Libraries are covered as part of the SCADE Support License.