Fusion Introduction

Easily invoke Android API and use cross platform functionality with SCADE


Fusion is our breakthrough technology enables you to

  • Easily call any Android API with ease using Swift code
  • Access our Fusion Libraries and API to easily build cross platform apps without dealing with complexities of the underlying iOS or Android API


Fusion is licensed under Apache 2.0 and can be easily extended by you.

Understanding Fusion

Fusion Architecture

The following diagram shows the Fusion architecture:


Fusion provides you with with Swift SPM libraries that mimic every Android Java API call

  • The APIs are automatically generated using our Fusion Generator
  • No waiting time. Fusion Swift Android APIs are available when the Android Java API is available. You can use the feature right away
  • Availability for multiple version of the Android APIs. You can link against different versions of Android API, depending on your requirements

Fusion Generation Process

The Fusion Swift Android libraries are generated automatically using our Fusion Generator.


Fusion Libraries


The Fusion libraries provide a Swift API that provides unified access to mobile OS functionality across iOS and Android. With a few simple lines of code, you can use complex functionaliity.

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