ScadeExtensions library

What is it

Extensions, additions for SCADE SDK functionality.
Purpose is adding SDK utilities for common usage.

How to use


There is 4 categories for Extensions:

  1. Core - extensions of the core layer of ScadeKit
  2. Extensions - extension for Foundation
  3. Graphics - extensions of the graphics layer of ScadeKit
  4. UI - extensions of the UI layer of ScadeKit

Install ScadeExtension library to SCADE project and use any extensions

For example, elementProvider extension for the List widget:

import ScadeKit
import ScadeUI
class MainPageAdapter: SCDLatticePageAdapter {
  override func load(_ path: String) {

    list.elementProvider { (item: String, element) in
      (element["label"] as? SCDWidgetsLabel)?.text = item
    list.items = ["Phone Number", "Street", "First name"]

How to install

  1. Open Package.swift
  2. Add dependencies:
dependencies: [
  .package(name: "ScadeExtensions", url: "", .branch("main")),
targets: [
     dependencies: ["ScadeExtensions"],
  1. Import library to swift file
import ScadeUI