IDE Settings File

Settings file Settings.yaml to control behaviour of Swift IDE

The settings.yaml file contains all settings that control the behaviour of the IDE

  • Most changes will be effective immediately after saving the file
  • Comments using the # character are currently not supported and the line will be deleted. This will be fixed.

Open Settings.yaml file

Goto Scade > Preferences and select Settings




Some settings require SCADE restart and clean

Some of our settings require a restart of the SCADE IDE and clean of the project. If the Restart&Clean column is set to yes, do the following

  • Restart SCADE using Command + Q
  • Clean the project
SettingDescriptionExampleRestart & Clean
com.scade.projects.productOutputOptional String value
com.scade.toolchainOptional String value. The directory where the SCADE SDK is storedYes
editor.insertSpacesBoolean value if spaces shall be insertedfalse
editor.tabSizeInteger value. Number of spaces to use when using tab4
InterfaceBuilder.showBordersShow borders around controlstrue
InterfaceBuilder.showGridCellsBoolean value. In the page editor, show the cells of the gridtrue
nimble.logArray value. Log location[] value. Path to the Android NDK. Mandatory for creating Android apps./Users/scade/opt/android-ndk-r21eYes value. Path to the Android SDK. Mandatory for creating Android apps./Users/scade/Library/Android/sdkYes value. Path to Swift Android compiler. Per default, no extra setting necessary. Uses default location
swift.toolchainOptional. The path of the Swift toolchain provided by Apple./Library/Developer/Toolchains/ swift-5.3.1-RELEASE.xctoolchainYes
workbench.showFileIconsInTabsBoolean value. If true, shows little icons in tab control.false
workbench.tabCloseButtonPositionEnumeration value (left|right). Location of the close button for tabsright
java.jdk.homeOptional. The path to the JAVA JDK. Uses Android JDK per defaultYes